Eloise Hall
Eloise HallMilliner
How did you become interested in millinery?

From an early age I enjoyed wearing hats and as a child I loved to dress up in my mother’s hats. Inspired one day by a fabulous Philip Treacy hat, I began experimenting myself and never looked back.

Where and why did you learn millinery?

My millinery education started at the London College of Fashion, followed by a year at Kensington and Chelsea College.

How long have you been a milliner for? Where else did you work?

I have been a milliner now for 4 years, initially working for Stephen Jones and Edwina Ibbotson, before launching my own label almost 2 years ago. Prior to becoming a milliner I worked in advertising and marketing for 5 years.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I find nature is full of inspiring shapes, often the simplest ones are the best. Art, particularly sculpture, is a good source, as is the elegance of vintage fashion. Inspiration may also just be elements of everyday life, the curve of a chair or the contours of a roof.

What has been your most enjoyable commission?

They are all so different! I love commissions where I am given a free rein to produce a hat encapsulating the wearer’s style, inspiring her to walk tall and feel wonderful.

How would you describe your style of hats?

Elegant, feminine, glamorous.

Who do you make hats for? That is, church goers? Brides? Everyday winter wear?

Occasion wear: wedding guests, brides and ladies going to Ascot.

What materials and techniques do you favor?

Veiling, beaded materials, crystals, feathers, silks, curled quills and straws used with a modern twist. I make my own flowers, hand block all hats and dye all materials to match.

Any other interests?

Interiors, travel, cooking, cinema, skiing.

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