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#millinerymaker 2021

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About #millinerymaker

What is #millinerymaker?

#millinerymaker is a campaign initiative of Millinery.Info. It is a month long social media challenge for milliners and hat makers.  It is a free tool of 31 prompts to inspire you to post something different on your social media channels.  

When is #millinerymaker?

The campaign happens in the month of July.  The series of prompts is released via Millinery.Info’s newsletter in mid June. The model could be used at anytime and the template adapted for you to plan other months but joining in for the month of July will let you be part of the #millinerymaker community, not only connecting with other milliners but providing ideas and inspiration to each other.

Why take part?

Social media has become a key element in a small business remaining engaged and appearing present in its market. These are prompts to get your content flowing. Interpret them how best suits you. They are aimed at giving you new ideas and seeing how different themes engage different audiences.

Do I need to say I am participating?

In short no.  You do not need to let Millinery.Info know you are taking part we looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts by viewing #millinerymaker.  You can let your audience know but there is no need to, this is just a series of prompts and you can network with other participants through the #.

How do I know what the prompts are each day?

The series of prompts is released via Millinery.Info’s newsletter in mid June.  Throughout July when the campaign is running you will find the prompt of the day shared on Millinery.Info’s social media on Facebook and Instagram, and a weekly summary of the upcoming prompts in the Millinery.Info newsletter

How do I connect with other participants?

You can now follow hashtags on Instagram.  Ensure that you use #millinerymaker in each of your posts.

Do I need to post everyday?

If you can that is fantastic but there is no obligation. The idea is that this is a tool to help you and provide you with different ideas not a sense of burden. Take on the challenge and try to post something everyday if you are stuck seek ideas from your team to see if they have any ideas.

How do I post everyday?

You can manually post everyday or you can use a scheduling tool.  There are some built in ones or external ones such Hootsuite (not an endorsed mention) – experiment with what time of day you are posting.  If you set your Instagram to a Business Profile and you have a Business Page on Facebook both provide insights and statistics as to your followers and their activity.

Who do I engage with using this campaign?

This is an opportunity to engage with different parts of your audience and explore new areas which you might not have thought of or are yet to develop. Naturally this campaign will connect you with other milliners but think about how you can use these posts to connect with your other creative communities, local businesses, town councils, art collectives, galleries, hat wearers, suppliers, clothing brands, other accessory brands, influencers, bloggers, race clubs, current and future clients. Use this an excuse to reach out and make a new connection.

How do I get some support?

It can be a long month but we are there for you.  Subscribe to the Millinery.Info mailing and get updates to your inbox here.

How can I support Millinery.Info?

You can support Millinery.Info through becoming a Supporter from $5 per month or Podcast Sponsor from $15 per month.  Visit our Patreon Page to find out more here.

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