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Adam BrandCustom Fabric Flowers by M&S Schmalberg

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M&S Schmalberg has made silk flowers in the Garment District of New York City since 1916. Their flowers are hand-made in Manhattan for apparel, bridal, accessory, millinery and home furnishing products

Adam Brand is the 4th generation of his family involved in this business.  The business was first started by brothers, Morris and Sam Schmalberg. The business was inherited by their nephew, Harold Brand and he passed it onto his children Warren and Deborah Brand.  Adam joined the business after offering to help his father Warren out for a Summer after College.  He now works in the business full time managing the online presence as one of this key projects. 

They make all the pieces in house using a collection of vintage flower making cutters, presses, molds and tools.  Their team construct each flower by hand and the pieces are packed and distributed.  You can purchase from their stock, ask for a specific design or as you will hear in the podcast send in your own fabric.

With much change having occurred within the garment district since the company first began in 1916 they have become a one of a kind business within the industry.  They continue to focus on specialty work, custom and large production orders working with local and international brands.  They are looking forward to sustaining the business, in hopes for the next generation and beyond.

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