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Stephanie Spencer

Stephanie Spencer is the winner of the 2020 Myer Millinery Award.  The winning piece was a nod to surrealism taking the form of parisisal ballet shoes that were mounted on the head.  Stephanie had come up with the idea and then created the piece during the lockdown period in Melbourne.  In the podcast she shares about the process and the consideration of construction techniques she undertook.  

She first took a millinery class in Perth with Waltraud Reiner before moving to Melbourne to pursue her career in fashion and design were she learnt from Richard Nylon.  Upon launching her own brand you can see the influence of Stephanie’s background in fashion and textile design. Stephanie Spencer Millinery creates modern silhouettes that combine with gorgeous hand finishing techniques to form unique pieces.  She has a strong knowledge of millinery materials having spent time working at Torb and Reiner (now Millinery Hub).

Based in a Collingwood studio Stephanie explores the idea of a hat as canvas. She speaks with us about some of her favourite projects in the local fashion industry which includes working with Toni Maticevski during Fashion Week.

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