Lola Ziegler
Lola ZieglerMilliner

How did you become interested in millinery?

I’ve always had an interest in fashion. Forty-wo years ago, I was a housewife and mother of a 2-year-old, looking for something to do. My friend, who is a hat designer, encouraged me to trim a hat that she had blocked. She thought it looked really great. I realized this was something I wanted to pursue.

Where did you learn millinery?

Vesta, who is a milliner in Chicago, started teaching, I enrolled and became her first student.

How long have you been a milliner for? Where else did you work?

I’ve been a milliner for 40 years. I am a retired account manager.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

When I see beautiful fabrics, blocks or a well dressed woman, I think of hats.

What has been your most enjoyable commission?

I enjoy one of a kind designs, especially when a client brings her outfit, and a hat is made for her that she is really pleased with.

How would you describe your style of hats?

Dazzling designs for the well dressed woman.

Who do you make hats for?

All the above, majority church goers, also Kentucky Derby fans, and anyone that appreciates and desires the beauty of making a statement wearing an exquisite designed hat.

What materials and techniques do you favour?

I enjoy sewing straw braid and working with feathers.

Any other interests?

Traveling, spending time with family, reading and mentoring youth.

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