Rachel Skinner
Rachel SkinnerMilliner

How did you become interested in millinery?

I discovered hats when I was at college. During my first lesson in millinery, I knew by the end of the class that this is what I wanted to pursue for my career. I had never thought about hats before this class even though I’d been studying fashion for 2 years already.

Where did you learn millinery?

London College of Fashion studying fashion. Millinery was part of the course. I specialized after my first millinery class. Then I did a 2-year apprenticeship with Fredrick Foz after college.

How long have you been a milliner for? Where else did you work?

Including the apprenticeship I have been a milliner for coming up to 17 years. I also worked for Stephen Jones for 2 years which was inspiring, he’s so experimental. I’ve had my business for 13 years.

Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

Can be anywhere in the world, from the street hat I live in to exhibitions, travel, films, etc.

What has been your most enjoyable commission?

Love doing one-off hats for advertising companies at Ascot. The more unusual the better!

How would you describe you style of hats?

Feminine, unusual, modern, eye-catching, flattering, couture and original.

Who do you make hats for?

We have a bridal range for modern brides. We make one-off couture designer pieces for occasions – races, weddings, barmitzvah parties.

What materials and techniques do you favor?

Finding interesting vintage fabrics to make cocktail hats. Interesting straws and silks for larger hats. And of course lots of feathers! All hand blocked on handmade blocks.

Any other interests?

Walking my dog, spending time with family and friends, checking out new and interesting places, cooking, eating, cinema, travel.

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