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Rebecca Share won the 2018 Myer FOTF Millinery Award hosted a Flemington Racecourse on Oaks Day during Melbourne Cup Carnival. Rebecca began her career in 1995, when studying Fashion Design at RMIT in Melbourne.

After completing a course at Melbourne School of Millinery taught by Waltraud Reiner Rebecca went on to launch her own label. She won the 2011 Myer FOTF Millinery Award and in the podcast she shares how the experience of the two wins was different and her approach to each piece.

Rebecca has recently make pieces for the J-Lo tour which she travelled to see them onstage. She works with Hat Blocks Australia to design the Rebecca Share Series of blocks with Daryl Osborne. With a busy balance of millinery, work and family life Rebecca also enjoys sharing her techniques through teaching including lesson with Hat Academy.

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