Hattember is the initiative of award winning Milliner Catherine Kelly, the founder of Embellish Atelier, created the competition with the aim to:

1. Raise funds for the John Skipper Kelly (JSK) Fund to create leadership opportunities for disadvantaged youth. 20% of all profits will go directly to the JSK fund.

2. Promote wearing hats #hatsarenotjustfortheraces. They protect, identify, and create an individual statement.

3. To promote the millinery industry. Visit Embellish Hats for more information.

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Hattember 2020

Millinery Section

1st Place: Lisa Hughes Millinery
2nd Place: Cynthia Jones-Bryson Millinery
3rd Place: Emma Michelle Millinery

Wearable Art

1st Place: Rachel Cherry
2nd Place: Somewhere Here
3rd Place: Wendy Scully Millinery

Novice Millinery

1st Place: Desleigh Millinery
2nd Place: Jocelyn Ryan
3rd Place: Kate Alway

2019 Hattember

General Category

1st Prize – Michelle Robinson

2nd Prize – Possum Ball

3rd Prize – Dianne Roberton

Wearable Art

1st Prize – Rachel Cherry

2nd Prize – Angie Jackman

3rd – Vladimir Stratacuic

Facebook Award – Margie Trembley – Elizabeth

2018 Hattember

Headpiece Category

1st Place – Jo Turco

2nd Place – Sandy Aslett

3rd Place – Sandy Aslett

Artisan Category

1st Place – Mary Mohr

2nd Place – Jo Turco

3rd Place – Carol Birch

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