The Melbourne International Millinery Competition (MIMC) was founded in 2017 by Catherine Ellen of The Essential Hat. The competition is open to milliners from across the globe. Each year has seen a different theme presented to the competitors to challenge their making. The pieces are judged by an esteemed judging panel each year. All entries presented at at Labassa a National Trust of Victoria historic house and winners announced at an evening parade.

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MIMC 2021

1st Prize Laura Dunnington of Contempromental with XOX

2nd Prize Emily Makris with Widows Weeds

3rd Prize Cynthia Jones-Bryson with When I get my Wings

People’s Choice Maria Etkind with Jazz Funeral

MIMC 2020

1st Prize Andrea Cainero – Electric Fly Trap

2nd Prize Jo Turco – Fires of Nymboida

Joint 3rd Prize Katie Allen – Micro-Wave &  Joanne Rolfe – Dresden

People’s Choice Kerry Hayes – Taking Flight

Facebook Favourite Julie Lynch – Pods in Bloom

MIMC 2019

1st Prize Chris Mullane – Metallic Flock

2nd Prize Katherine Cherry – Zubie’s Crown

3rd Prize Laura Dunnington – Stronger Than You Think

People’s Choice Michelle Robinson

Facebook Choice Trish Triggs – Galaxy, Stars and Beyond

MIMC 2018

General Category

1st Prize: Emily Makris – Apricot Argonaut

2nd Prize: Louise Swann – Morocco

Street Wear

1st Prize: Lys Stevens – Bouncing Blue

2nd Prize: Jenepher Walker – Wendy

People’s Choice

Kate Ghedina – Graffiti Cap

Facebook Award

Margie Trembley – Elizabeth

MIMC 2017

Winner – Katherine Cherry Millinery

Runner Up – Rachael Henson

Runner Up – Sarah Larkin

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