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Elaine Mergard is the founder of Hat Academy.  She made her first hat in 1964 while training as a Home Economics Teacher. After graduating she went on to teach Millinery classes for Adult Education in Brisbane and at TAFE colleges in Central Queensland & Sunshine Coast during the 1980’s & 1990’s.  Moving to the Sunshine Coast in 1990 with her family Elaine established “Hatrageous Headwear” as a home based business making and selling millinery pieces.

The concept of Hat Academy started as a series of DVDs and during the development of the lesson, online video streaming took off.  Hat Academy responded to this evolution in online engagement and have gone on to offer more services to their students across the globe. 

In this podcast with Elaine hear about her millinery training and how she is creating a legacy of millinery knowledge with Hat Academy. 

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