Virtual FOTF with Bethany Brajkovich
Virtual FOTF with Bethany BrajkovichCo Founder
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Bethany Brajkovich who is part of the team that founded Virutal FOTF.  COVID19 has brought on a time of uncertainty around the world.  Many events and business have been impacted by the physical restrictions that have been put in place that are aiming to help prevent the spread of the virus.  The Fashions on the Field community has found a way to continue to connect and share their style and outfits through a new platform in the form of Virtual FOTF

A lover and passionate supporter of Fashion on the Field of Bethany is a small business owner and founder of Best Dressed Access.  She joined forces with Viera Macikova of Get Racy and Milano Imai creator of Millinery Market.  With an awareness that many people have already purchased and planned their outfits for upcoming events with the support of On Track On Trend and It’s all About the Sash they launched the virtual competition. 

Hear about the structure of the competition and the entrance process in the podcast. To find out about the Terms and Conditions of the competition visit their website here.

The Virtual FOTF team share the entrants outfits on the website, Instagram and Facebook.  Entries for the Round 3 which is woman’s wear is open 6/4  until 12/4 with judging occurring 13/4 – 15/4 before the winner of the round is announced.

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