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Elly Stemerdink

Elly Stemerdink is the owner and Editor in Chief of The Hat Magazine, Editor in Chief of Hatlines and President of The Dutch Hat Association.  She is a skilled milliner with the brand Hats by Elly, graphic designer leading the redesign of The Hat Magazine, and photographer who captures images of hats around the world.  

With a background in accessory buying Elly’s career transformed into the digital space as she launched her graphic design firm.  Building on her skillset she went on to lead IT projects before feeling the urge to make again.  She took a class with Berry Rutjes and was hooked.

During a visit to Les Estivales du Chapeau Elly met a member of Nederlandse Hoeden Vereniging (NHV), the Dutch Hat Association, and was invited to become a member herself.  This lead to taking up the role of webmaster then contributing to Hatlines in the role of Editor-in-Chief.

In 2017 Elly was approached by The Hat Magazine founder Carole Denford who was looking for a new home for the magazine as she shifted to other projects. Elly and her husband Pieter took on the project with Elly redesigning the look and feel of the magazine and filling the role of Editor-in-Chief.  Today the magazine sees contributions from across the globe and is the voice of the hat trade worldwide and is unceasing in the promotion of the making and wearing of hats.

HatMags published the Hat Couture, a long-held wish of Marianne Jongkind to write a book on hat-making techniques.  Millinery.Info spoke with Marianne about this project, listen to the podcast here.

See Elly’s guide to Digital Image that was published in issue 85 of The Hat Magazine and is available for free when you download the Apple App Store here.

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